Setup a custom shop and offer unique experiences your viewers can buy to help support your stream. Go beyond typical monetization and engage with your viewers on a deeper level while you earn additional revenue.

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Stream-Aid is an Innovative Monetization Platform for Live Streamers.

“Start Earning More Revenue with Stream-Aid”

Sign up for free and create your Stream-Aid shop. It’s really simple to do… Once your shop is ready you can start creating your listings your viewers can buy.

Listings are the “unique experiences” your viewers can buy. Your listings can be anything you can come up with (no physical products). Play a game together, game coaching, co-host a stream, sing happy birthday and much more. You can be as creative as you want with your listing ideas and offer them “on” stream or “off”.

Promote your shop page and listings the same way you do for donations, subscriptions and bits. Set up a panel, create a command “!StreamAid”, have a chat timer running with your Stream-Aid shop link and setup live stream alerts. We provide a custom designed Twitch panel and have a Twitch extension coming soon.

Start earning more revenue on your Stream-Aid shop and get paid instantly when you complete an order. No more waiting for payments and no minimum earnings required to get paid, we payout on a per transaction basis. To avoid fraud, chargebacks and protect you, we verify and hold buyers funds until the order is complete, at which time we release the funds to you.


Accept or reject orders, create your own unique listings, and much more, all on your schedule. It’s your stream, so you’re in control of everything.


Now you can offer your viewers more ways to engage and connect with you on your streams. We make it easy and fun to monetize your channel.


We escrow payments to ensure there is no fraud. We hold a buyers funds until an order is complete, at which time we release the funds to you.