Being the Change You Want to See in the Streaming Culture

Streaming is an influential and popular way to reach people. Twitch rivals cable news networks in viewership statistics, and YouTube Gaming, Mixer, and other platforms also pull in large number of viewers each month. This means that streaming shapes the broader culture and can have a powerful impact on people who use each platform as streamers or viewers. Unfortunately, this impact isn’t always positive. A Twitch channel can become a forum for trolls determined to derail chats, make derogatory comments, and harass the streamer and other viewers. In general, online platforms are vulnerable to a variety of abuses and to behaviors displaying harmful biases. As you continue to develop a loyal following on your channel and on social media, you also acquire a greater measure of responsibility for how you conduct yourself online. As a streaming influencer, you can improve the atmosphere on your channel and help change the culture of a platform. What can you do to make streaming culture more healthy and welcoming?

A Streamer’s Guide to Deeper Authentic Connections with Your Audience

As a streamer, staying connected with your audience can be difficult. You aren’t in the same room with them. They may be many miles or multiple time zones away. You can’t see their faces, and you don’t necessarily know much about them. What can you do to connect with them more deeply? Before you consider any specific streaming tools or social media strategies, it’s important to step back and make sure you understand who you are and what you’re offering. To connect with your audience, you first need to understand yourself.